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  1. tarotismyreligion:


    I’ve decided to permanently leave my ask box open to requests for 1-3 card tarot readings (aside from times of high-stress, like during finals, when I’ll temporarily close it for a few days). Check out the tarot readings link on my page, then ask away!

    Signal boost!

  2. Spell to improve confidence



    -Using a candle in any of these colors: royal blue,gold,orange,peach
    -black tea

    Step 1
    Light the candle, and burn basil and Thyme or if your unable to burn herbs then simply mix the herbs in a tbsp of oil (olive oil) and anoint the candle.

    Step 2

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  3. orchid-ink:


    Satisfying things

    being a human is so weird

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  4. quirkysuyen:

This is Nigella in her library. I love this woman!


    This is Nigella in her library. I love this woman!

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  5. mineralists:

    So I found out Skullis makes dragon skulls now… It’s my two favorite things in one and I’m incredibly excited. SO. Here’s a spam of these as well.

    Skulls in order of appearance:
    Amethyst Agate Geode
    Red Crazy Lace Agate
    Blue Tigers Eye
    Rainforest Jasper
    Blue Tigers Eye
    Chohua Jasper

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  6. rocknrollfuldead:


Explosion by seniferreira

click to trip balls
  7. off-with-the-faeries:


Dietlind wolf

~Realm of the Fae~
  8. aaliyah1979-2001:

My Child

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